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Bathroom care aids for rent

We understand that your need for assistive devices in your bathroom may be temporary, such as during a vacation or a rehabilitation period after surgery or an injury. Our rental service therefore allows you to rent the care aids you need for the exact duration of your need, without committing yourself to long-term commitments or having to purchase expensive care aids.

You can also rent from us for long term! For example, during your winter break or a rehabilitation period.


At Costa Mobility Service, we offer practical solutions to make your bathroom temporarily more accessible and safe. We have a wide selection of care aids for your bathroom, such as shower seats, toilet risers, handles, bathtub shelves and more. So you can choose exactly the aids that fit your specific situation.


Our bathroom aids are regularly inspected and cleaned to ensure they are in optimal condition and meet the highest hygiene standards.

*We deliver on location! Ask about the conditions and possible delivery costs.


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