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Invacare Comet Pro
  • Invacare Comet Pro


    The Invacare Comet Pro 4 enables carefree touring through the city or along the boulevard or even further afield. This is because this mobility scooter has very good features for getting out and about outdoors; a powerful motor and many safe innovations. The powerful motor with large batteries ensure that you don't have to worry about when you need to go home again. Because with a maximum speed of 15 km per hour and a range of up to 55 km, you can go wherever you want.

    The mobility scooter rides very nicely, even at higher speeds, the mobility scooter remains very stable. In addition, the Invacare Comet Pro 4 is equipped with automatic speed reduction so that the mobility scooter automatically brakes when you take a corner. All this together with the excellent functioning suspension system ensures that driving the Invacare Comet Pro 4 becomes a pleasure.


    Range: 55 km

    Speed: 15 km per hour

    Backrest width: 51 cm

    Seat depth: 46 cm

    Seat height: 44 - 51 cm

    Seat back height: 63 cm

    Overall width: 68.5 cm

    Overall length: 145 cm

    Weight: 136 kg

    Max. user weight: 160 kg

    Turning radius: 275 cm

    Ground clearance: 10 cm

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