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Life & Mobility Mezzo grey (2020)
  • Life & Mobility Mezzo grey (2020)


    The third in the line of the Life & Mobility Mezzo 4, this beautiful grey one, also concerns a good-as-new mobility scooter that is sure to give you a lot of convenience and pleasure. Be surprised by the Mezzo!

    The mobility scooter combines performance and comfort with a high degree of manoeuvrability. Using the patented INDEGO suspension system, this 4-wheel scooter drives over uneven surfaces with ease. And thanks to its light and precise steering, the mobility scooter is pleasant and easy to operate. Because the Mezzo automatically reduces speed when cornering, the brake lights activate themselves as soon as you release the throttle and is equipped with good lighting, the Mezzo offers you optimal safety on the road!


    The Mezzo mobility scooter is specially designed for the user looking for 'sporty looks' and comfortable driving. Other features include large ground clearance of 10 cm, short turning circle and strong motor. The mobility scooter is equipped with the patented INDEGO suspension system. This suspension system is made up of rubber torsion blocks. Driving comfort is further enhanced by the suspension in the seat column and the large pneumatic tyres.


    The Mezzo is a safe mobility scooter. The electronics sense when you make a turn and then brake automatically, the indicators turn off automatically when you steer back and the emergency stop button stops you immediately in an emergency.

    The seat of the Mezzo mobility scooter is height-adjustable via the gas spring in the seat column. The backrest is angle-adjustable also thought of extra support in the lower back via the lumbar support. The armrests are adjustable. 

    The chair itself can be rotated through 360 degrees.

    The control panel features a clearly lit display. While driving, this display provides you with various information such as speed, mileage, time and battery indication.

    The control panel operates the lights, horn, direction indicators, speed, emergency stop and menu functions.

    The push buttons are embedded in a membrane foil, so rain and wind have no influence.

    The handlebar can be adjusted to create an optimal seating position. 



    Length: 134 cm

    Width: 64 cm

    Seat height: 45-50 cm

    Battery: 2x 75 Ah

    Range: 40 km

    Speed: 15 km/h

    User weight: 160 kg

    Colour: grey

    We give a 3-month warranty when selling our second-hand mobility scooters.

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