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Moving Life ATTO
  • Moving Life ATTO


    The Moving Life ATTO Travel mobility scooter is an innovative and compact folding mobility scooter specially designed for easy transport in the car or on a plane.

    The ATTO's unique "trolley mode" allows the scooter to fold up to the size of a piece of luggage, so you can take it as hand luggage on a plane, train or bus. This scooter also has a "split mode" where the unit can be split into two pieces, with the heaviest piece weighing only 16.2 kg after disassembly.

    Moving Life ATTO is the largest and most comfortable in its category. Thanks to the Moving Life ATTO's revolutionary mechanism, it can be folded into a trolley case and split into two lightweight pieces. The beauty of the ATTO is in the details, with standard features such as a built-in USB charging port, deck storage and adjustable seat heights. It can also be customised with various accessories.


    Trolley: 72 cm high, 39 cm long and 42 cm wide

    Drive stand: 90 cm high, 120 cm long and 56 cm wide


    Separate parts:

    Front half 12 kg and rear half 16.2 kg

    Whole: 28.2 kg *

    Battery: 1.85 kg

    * Without battery

    Folding and design:

    Folded up, the Moving Life ATTO is as small as a carry-on you can take on the plane, but it is also very large and comfortable when you open it to go for a ride. 10 seconds of easy operation to open and close, and another 10 seconds to split Moving Life ATTO into two lightweight parts.

    Moving Life Atto design, look, technology, all modern and updated, fits people with no limits, no barriers, goes wherever others go, stops only where you want to stop. ATTO is made for people who believe they have the right to be like everyone else, travel without hesitation, without complicated planning and restrictions.

    User weight

    Maximum user weight: 120 Kg


    Although ATTO's seat is stylish, it is designed to provide comfort and safety and can be adjusted to the user's preferences. The seat mechanism can be locked at one of three fixed heights, ranging from 56 to 61 cm from the ground.

    Ground clearance

    Atto's minimum ground clearance is 10 cm


    The ATTO uses a powerful yet compact lightweight 48 Volt lithium-ion battery. Weighing only 2 kg, the battery can run for more than 16 km continuously, while it takes only 4 hours (on average) to fully charge. As for charging options, you can charge ATTO on-board and off-board, meaning you can, but do not have to, remove the battery from the vehicle to charge it. Removing the battery is as easy as pressing a button. Replacing the battery is as easy as putting it back.


    While most countries allow a speed limit of 6-7 km/h, Atto can travel up to 10 km/h, depending on local regulations. Once the speed limit is set by a technician, it is very easy to set your current speed limit with one of the presets by simply clicking a button and getting feedback from ATTO's clear display.


    To ensure smooth and continuous driving over many years and long distances, we have developed a unique, fully customised permanent magnet brushless DC motor that combines a solid core and powerful gearbox with a robust braking mechanism. Through advanced software algorithms, the motor uses modern reverse charging techniques for deceleration and stopping, ensuring a smooth driving experience. The motor power is 250W


    The Atto charger is a small but smart and powerful charger that can be connected to any 110 VAC - 240 VAC power grid.


    The front and back halves of the Atto can be easily separated in seconds by operating a button and two handles. The same technique applies to reassemble the two halves. This is very convenient when storing the Atto in the boot or in the luggage bins of an aeroplane.

    One of the most frequently asked questions is how much time it takes to fold and unfold ATTO. We tested this question and got the following results: It takes less time to fold (or unfold) ATTO than it takes to read this paragraph! It takes only 12 seconds.


    There are three mechanisms that can be adjusted for maximum control stick adjustment. These are (a) handlebar height, (b) handlebar angle and (c) handlebar angle. Together, these three adjustments ensure user comfort and safety.

    Height restrictions

    Preliminary tests show that a minimum height of 150 cm is required to ride safely. This is NOT a formal recommendation, we have not yet completed the tests and you should check with your medical advisor.


    Moving Life ATTO is designed and tested to the stringent IP54 water resistance standard. This means the equipment must be splashed with water from multiple angles, for long periods of time and under high pressure. After taking a 50-litre shower, ATTO continued to operate without failure, guaranteeing its resistance to normal outdoor conditions. Nevertheless, we recommend storing ATTO indoors to ensure maximum lifetime of high performance and for safety reasons use it only in dry weather.


    There are some accessories a user can add to Atto:

    + Holders for walking sticks/stools

    + Foldable armrests

    + Seat cushion

    About aircraft

    Thousands of Moving Life ATTO aircraft are currently flying around the world with their users. In 95 per cent of flights, it flew in the passenger cabin and was stored in the baggage compartment or crew locker.

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