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  • SplitRider


    The SplitRider from e-Ability

    Independent going to the supermarket, a day out or a weekend trip? With e-Ability's SplitRider wheelchair, you can resume your daily routine independently.


    The SplitRider is an innovative, lightweight wheelchair that not only folds easily, but can also be taken apart in two parts. The heaviest part weighs only 12.2 kilograms. The SplitRider has a range of 16 kilometres, uses a removable and rechargeable battery and is easily controlled with an intuitive joystick.


    This electric wheelchair fits easily in the car and may be taken

    on an aeroplane. The SplitRider has a modern look and is comfortable to use. With optional accessories, such as a basket, bag or electric push support, you can shape the SplitRider in the way that suits you best.


    Ideal for travelling, but also great for pursuits in and around your home. With the SplitRider, you can go out on your own again!


    Measurements: 86 x 64 x 91 cm (lxwxh)

    Measurements when folded: 112 x 64 x 32 cm (lxwxh)

    Seat height: 48 cm

    Weight: Underframe: 12.2 kg (total weight 22.9 kg including battery)

    Maximum load capacity: up to 115 kg

    Range: 16 km

    Speed: 6 km per hour

    Charging time: 5 hours

    Maximum inclination: 12 degrees

    Turning radius: 85 cm

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