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Sterling S700 (2019)
  • Sterling S700 (2019)


    This mobility scooter, built in 2019, the Sterling S700, is an absolute powerhouse. A very robust, complete and easy to operate mobility scooter with a luxurious look. The S700 is equipped with a basket, mirrors and adjustable seat and has a comfortable suspension. With a maximum speed of 15 kilometers per hour, the S700 can keep up with traffic very well.

    You are also assured of a smooth and comfortable ride due to the advanced suspension system, which allows obstacles to be negotiated without any problems.


    The S700 offers an advanced seating solution that takes comfort to the highest level. From the adjustable seat height, seat depth and back angle to flip-up armrests that are adjustable in width, angle and depth - designed for your comfort.


    With the easy operation you have good control and driving feels very natural. The ergonomic delta handlebar makes every ride comfortable.



    • Length: 150 cm
    • Width: 67 cm
    • Seat height: 45-50 cm
    • Turning circle: 220 cm
    • Inclination angle: 10° at 160 kg
    • Battery: 2x 75 Ah
    • Range: 40 km
    • Speed: 15 km/h
    • User weight: 160 kg
    • Colour: anthracite

    We give a 3-month warranty when selling our second-hand mobility scooters.

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