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Vermeiren Carpo 2 SE (2020)
  • Vermeiren Carpo 2 SE (2020)


    Are you looking for a good suspension mobility scooter that comes very complete as standard? Then this second-hand, but almost new, Vermeiren Carpo 2 SE is for you!  The new price is €4299.

    The Carpo Special Edition mobility scooter combines the best of both worlds. The ride comfort of the Vermeiren Carpo 2 mobility scooter and the manoeuvrability with the user-friendliness of the Vermeiren Carpo 4 mobility scooter.

    The mobility scooter Carpo 2 SE has a digital display with speedometer. The delta steering wheel, which is equipped with two mirrors as standard, provides plenty of support and allows easy acceleration via the pinch controls. The steering wheel is also prepared for one-handed operation. The seat, which comes standard with a headrest, is very well adjustable and comfortable for longer journeys. An ideal mobility scooter for daily use and nice trips.

    A unique blend of all the features that are important in a mobility scooter. The Carpo 2 series has a rubber-based suspension system. This reduces the transmission of shocks and vibrations, as rubber can cushion continuously. A traditional shock absorber can only break a shock and a rubber can neutralise it. Rubber needs no initial force to cushion. In addition, all four wheels are independently sprung. This benefits comfort, which is why the Carpo 2 series' suspension system gets an excellent score from users.

    With a maximum speed of around 15 kilometres per hour, the Carpo 2 SE can keep up well with traffic, making it ideal for long journeys. The driving characteristics such as maximum speed, acceleration, braking distance ect. work together excellently. Road handling is phenomenal due to the combination of all elements. With the standard battery set of no less than 80Ah, you can achieve a range of around 50 km.


    Overall length 153.5 cm

    Overall width 66 cm

    Overall height 139 cm

    User weight: Max. 150 kg

    Range: 45 km

    Speed: 15 km/h

    Seat width 48 cm

    Seat depth 49 cm

    We give a 3-month warranty on our second-hand mobility scooters.

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