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Vermeiren Carpo 4
  • Vermeiren Carpo 4


    The Carpo 4D is a very popular, but also complete and full-fledged mobility scooter, with a luxurious appearance.


    As standard, the Carpo 4D mobility scooter is equipped with an LCD screen with a built-in odometer. The mobility scooter is very manoeuvrable, even in smaller spaces, making it very suitable for visiting shops, but also for visiting friends and family. The driving comfort, the range and the maximum speed of 15 km per hour make it extremely suitable for recreational rides. The Carpo mobility scooter is an all-rounder, which is an explanation for its enormous popularity.


    The delta steering wheel, which is equipped with two mirrors as standard, provides a lot of support and ensures that it is easy to accelerate using the pull control. The seat, fitted with a headrest as standard, is very well adjustable and comfortable for longer journeys.

    The mobility scooter Carpo is also available in a three-wheel version.



    • Total width: 66 cm
    • Total height: 135 cm
    • Total length: 145 cm
    • Turning circle: 316 cm
    • Battery: 2 x 12V - 80 Ah
    • Range 45 km*
    • Motors: 750 W
    • Speed: 15 km/h*
    • Weight: 131 kg
    • Maximum user weight: 150 kg

    *Speeds and range may vary (approx. 15%)

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