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Vermeiren V500 light wheelchair
  • Vermeiren V500 light wheelchair


    The wheelchair V500 Light is new in Vermeiren's range and with only a total weight of 15.5 kg, the V500 Light is the lightest wheelchair in their range.


    You can adjust the backrest of the V500 Light individually, realizing good back support. The armrests are easily removable and adjustable in both height and depth. Besides the fact that the seat height is adjustable in 4 positions, the seat depth is also adjustable from 42 cm to 48 cm and the seat angle is adjustable from 0 to 10 degrees.


    Whether you want to use the V500 Light temporarily or permanently, the chair improves daily life and makes transportation and transfers easier. The low overall weight of the V500 Light makes the wheelchair perfect for transportation by car. For companion, the push handles are height adjustable.


    The V500 Light is available in 3 seat widths; 42, 46 and 50 cm



    • Tool-free removable and height-adjustable armrests.
    • Fold away and removable footrests
    • Folding brake levers for easier transfers
    • Foldable for transport or storage
    • Memory foam seat cushion as standard
    • Adjustable seat height in 4 positions
    • Adjustable seat depth (42 - 48 cm)
    • Adjustable push handles and back
    • Adjustable seat angle (o - 10 degrees)
    • Adjustable armrests in depth and height
    • Standard handle with seat width 50 cm
    • Wheelchair complies with ISO 7176-19 standard for safe transportation of wheelchair users.
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