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Moving Life ATTO Sport
  • Moving Life ATTO Sport


    Meet the new Moving Life ATTO SPORT! A perfect combination of high-calibre functionality and cutting-edge design, we like to think of the Atto Sport as the sports car of all mobility scooters. Racing-inspired design!

    The latest addition to the Movinglife catalogue, the Moving Life ATTO SPORT comes with all the safety and convenience features of the classic Atto mobility scooter, but offers extra performance, an extra contemporary look and extra features that customers are sure to enjoy. Moving Life has retained the leading functionality of the ATTO: Drive Mode, Split Mode, Compact Mode and Trolley Mode.

    Split Mode: makes it easy to put the ATTO in the boot of a car or in the luggage compartment of an aircraft. Being independent

    Moving Life has also retained ATTO's ability to be the perfect travel companion (Approved by:) CE / FDA / SGS

    Moving Life ATTO SPORT - Features.

    • Slim, sports car-like design and details
    • Easy to fold into trolley and easy to unfold
    • Split into 2 lightweight segments for easy carrying and compact storage
    • Trolley mode makes it convenient for walking and steering when folded up
    • Ergonomic design with plenty of legroom and armrests
    • Flight-approved lithium battery and charger
    • LCD screen with comprehensive information
    • Built-in headlights
    • Wireless key fob against theft
    • Shock-absorbing airtight NPT straps
    • Soft PU leather upholstery, backrest and seat cover
    • Rear light reflector
    • Cruise control option for longer journeys
    • Adjustable seat with 3 different heights
    • Automatic deceleration on steeper inclines
    • Easy height and angle adjustment of the control stick
    • Lightweight aluminium chassis
    • Brushless DC motor for increased durability and power
    • On/off button
    • Travel speed of 10 km/h (speed can be switched while driving)
    • 3 wheels allow a 52-degree radius
    • Onboard USB charging port (supports 1 amp output)
    • Warning sound (horn)
    • One-click switching from forward to reverse
    • Automatic warning sound when reversing
    • Suitable for left-handers
    • Rear light lever
    • Easy access to battery when folded down
    • Additional storage space under the seat
    • FDA, CE, EN 12184, ISO 7176 certified
    • 12 cm ground clearance on different terrains
    • ERB (Electric Release Brake) for safer braking
    • Front disc brake for extra safety
    • Free wheel (neutral mode) enables wheeled driving when the battery is empty
    • Motor power: 250W


    Very light 5.2Ah 48V lithium-ion battery (2Kg. Weight) and easy to remove and transport. Thanks to the efficiency of the motors, it has a range of about 16 km and recharges in just 4 hours. The battery is removed at the push of a button and can be charged either outside or on the scooter. The ATTO SPORT charger is small and stylish and can be connected to any socket with a range of 110VAC - 240VAC.

    More luxury

    • PU leather grips and seat
    • Left/right front disc brake lever
    • Illuminated LCD display
    • Left/right throttle lever
    • Ergonomic PU leather grips
    • USB charger
    • Speed limit/ cruise control

    More suspension

    Shock-absorbing airless NPT tyres ensure a smooth ride and 100% puncture protection.

    More visibility

    Powerful LED headlights

    Rear light lever

    More brake control

    ATTO SPORT is equipped with an industry-standard regenerative braking system. We have also added a front disc brake to give ATTO SPORT users more control. The disc brake lever can be mounted on either side of the handlebars.

    More manoeuvrability

    Front half: 12.5 kg

    Rear half: 17.5 kg

    More speed

    Maximum speed: 10 km/h - 6 mph

    More safety

    Key fob for locking/unlocking ATTO SPORT

    Approved battery

    The Moving Life Atto Sport comes with a lithium-ion battery that allows you to make almost any flight with the vehicle.

    Battery: 48-volt lithium-ion

    16 km range with continuous driving, only 4 hours on average for full charge

    On-board and off-board charging

    Charger: International 110-240V AC charger

    Many storage options

    Wide choice of storage accessories

    Generous legroom

    12 cm ground clearance on different terrains


    Split mode:

    Height 71 cm

    Length 38.9 cm

    Width 41.9 cm


    Front half 12.5 kg

    Rear half 17.5 kg

    Driving mode:

    Height 89 cm

    Length 120 cm

    Width 56 cm


    Front half 12.5 kg

    Back half 17.5 kg


    Assembled 29 kg (without battery)

    Battery 1.83 kg

    Max. User weight: 120 kg

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